Jump on the bandwagon because Phase II of Negawatt Nairobi is here!

Technology; Energy; and Innovation. These are the three words that aptly describe the Negawatt Challenge, an initiative pioneered by the World Bank to leverage on cities’ rich ecosystems of innovative entrepreneurs to surface sustainable technology solutions that address energy efficiency challenges. In Nairobi, the iHub and iLabAfrica are spearheading the local effort by virtue of their outstanding role in the growth of the Kenyan tech ecosystem.

The Challenge has been designed to unfold in two phases, with the first phase having concluded recently. This phase comprised of Meetups, a design thinking workshop (Challenge Definition Day), a hackathon (Negawatt Weekend) and a Bootcamp. As such we engaged the local community in a dialogue of knowledge sharing and problem solving, which included offering support to entrepreneurs with groundbreaking ideas that tackle local energy issues

What next?

Going forward, we are keen to sustain and continue the dialogue around energy efficiency among the local tech and energy communities. By doing what we know best and capitalizing on the nascent community that we have brought together, the iHub has organized a series of interesting activities targeting current local energy innovators and interested parties.

We are launching this grand phase on Wednesday, September 2, 2015 from 5:30pm at the iHub. This will be an opportunity to share and engage with other people with similar interests as yours, and meet our brilliant innovators who have already benefited and continue to benefit from this project.   

We will feature entrepreneurs who have initiated sustainable businesses in the sector, as well as top-notch applied researchers to equip you with valuable information on opportunities in the energy sector, as well as advise on how best to make hay while the sun shines.

Time to jump on the bandwagon!

Join us in this amazing event and be part of the growing community of energy innovators.  Lots of fun, food and most importantly, invaluable networks and insights await you!

RSVP here, and see you!  

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