Negawatt Weekend: Dar es Salaam

Author: Basil Malaki and Eric Foster-Moore

The first time we brought people together under the Negawatt Challenge in Tanzania, we ended up with over 50 people in the room passionately discussing the finer points of water service delivery in Dar es Salaam. The output of that meeting was a set of challenge statements that we then used as the basis for the Negawatt Weekend competition on March 28-29, 2015. Teams worked around the clock to develop proposals that they then presented to a panel of expert judges.

On Saturday morning, we were thrilled to welcome a host of exciting guest speakers, including Chris Sheldrick of what3words, Malin Cronqvist of Help to Help. From the World Bank, we had three speakers--Daud Fufudi, Edward Anderson, and Kristoffer Welsein--who discussed the finer points of community mapping with drones and the challenges facing the water supply sector.

Produced by Chris Morgan for the Negawatt Challenge.

We were able to convene over 75 people on Negawatt Weekend. There were eight teams competing to develop solutions to the identified challenges. Participants included many students--engineers in particular--as well as some entrepreneurs, coders, and general techies.

The goal of the Negawatt weekend was twofold: to build capacity of participants and to provide them with the tools and resources to develop products/services to tackle challenges facing the water sector in Dar es Salaam.

Here are the ideas that the winning teams presented:

Team First
A system to map existing pipelines, track usage, and identify leakage points in the water distribution network. Team First plan to develop a sensor which will determine the water level, volume, pressure, PH level and store this information in a database. A report will be sent to a community member in the area experiencing leakage. This will enable them to fix the problem.

Team Avengers
A water treatment machine known as ‘Hydro Safi’. The machine will provide clean and safe drinking water. The machine will use solar power and includes a filtration process that utilizes Ultraviolet rays.

Team Transformers
Team Transformers have created a network connecting registered water vendors to consumers. The vendor database will provide consumers with reliable vendor details in their area.

Team Stic
A pre-paid water metering system that will perform revenue monitoring, provide security for private water resources. It can be operated in two modes, as a Point of Sale which can either offer mobile money or coin based payment and as a household pre-paid meter which offer mobile money payment.

Great races always end where they begin, the winning teams booked themselves a spot in the three week Negawatt Boot Camp facilitated by instructors from KTH. Participating teams will be put through a mentorship and  training program to be rendered by professional mentors and facilitators. During this period participants will improve their ideas further. The outcome of the bootcamp will determine the two teams that will proceed to the Negawatt Acceleration program for over three months before entering the final leg in Barcelona where successful teams will face off at the Barcelona Smart City Expo Congress.