Meetups in Dar on Different perspectives on complex challenges in water and energy sectors

After the initiatives of University of Dar es Salaam ICT Incubator (UDICTI), coaches from College of ICT (CoICT) University of Dar es Salaam started to plan for the meetups, finally the time came for providers and consumers of water and energy to meet and discuss different perceptions towards complex situation and challenges facing the two sectors – water and energy.

The discussion was very interesting, with Six Thinking Hat tool being used. It required each participant to contribute in an active manner. There were two groups in each meetup: Groups 1 and 2 in Water-meetup and Groups 2 and 3 in Energy-meetup. The respective groups consisted of providers and consumers of energy and water. Each group had six members, each wearing a hat that was randomly picked among six different coloured hats.

After a brief introduction of how to use Six Thinking Hat tool, each group was given fifteen minutes to rehearse. This was followed by the discussions intended for the meetups. At the end of these discussions, the following four ideas were generated as useful solutions to problems facing water and energy sectors in Tanzania:

(1) Frequent monitoring and maintenance of water supply system

(2) Awareness creation of water resource management

(3) Change of human behaviour in energy use trend

(4) Awareness creation about unnecessary use of energy