Demo Day and announcement of the Negawatt winning team in Dar es Salaam

With much preparation and training, which were done throughout the acceleration period, finally the time came for the two teams, Team T-First and TeamStic to pitch. 

The event was presided by a stakeholder workshop in the morning. Stakeholders from different energy and water organizations discussed the problems facing respective areas of expertise, their current solutions, limitations on the current solutions and proposals on how future solutions should be tailored. The competing teams got chances to give some insights on their solutions through a short presentation.

During the second event Demo Session, each team was given time to pitch and demonstrate on how the prototypes work in front of a panel of judges and the stakeholders. After deliberation the judges announced the winning team TeamStic who will represent Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

What did the Negawatt participating teams get at the end?

 1. Experience in pitching.

 2. Knowledge and skills how to develop solutions around customers needs (Customers feedback and recommendation).

 3. Spirit and discipline of working as a team.

 4. Access to contacts of different stakeholders in the field of their solutions, which eventually led to revamping of their solutions.