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Update: Team Sun Shade Energy won the Negawatt Accra Competition and received a special recognition from the Global Negawatt competition for its Best Original Idea at the Smart City Expo World Congress!

Sun Shade Energy developed a product that is designed to protect the home from excessive heat by blocking the sunrays and its ultraviolet radiation. The system captures solar energy with the shade and stores that energy. It uses the captured energy for basic lighting and in the future powering green appliances like a fan and a fridge.

Update: The final challenge statements for Accra Negawatt.

As a rapidly urbanizing capital of a developing economy, Accra has been experiencing increased economic activity, coupled with rising migration. Increase in inhabitants means increase in demand for energy: both electricity and fuel. The City of Accra has constrained resources to respond to this issue, as energy supply is struggling to keep up with ever-growing demand.

Consequently, severe electricity shortages occur at the national level resulting in frequent load shedding and energy price inflation, to the tune of 12% in the third quarter of 2014 alone.

The Negawatt Challenge aims to help Accra cope with rising energy demand through energy efficiency, being guided by the findings of the TRACE assessment which identified the potential for particularly large energy savings in the buildings and solid waste sectors. Our goal is to foster design of local energy-efficient software, hardware, and new business models that could be used by government, businesses, and citizens.

The iSpace Foundation has been selected a local host of the Initiative and can provide more detail. The contact information of iSpace project managers is below.






Final Demo Day

September 22, 2015 (@iSpace)

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Negawatt weekend

March 14 & 15, 2015 (@iSpace)


March 3, 2015 (@iSpace)

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Accelerator program Implementer

Growth Mosaic is a social-purpose business preparing small and growing businesses to access and manage growth investment. We reduce execution risks and improve the viability of our clients as investible opportunities. This enables our clients to attract growth investment as well as improves deal flows for investors.


Local Project Managers


alison roadburg

@ispacegh /

Alison Roadburg is the Programs Manager at the iSpace Foundation in Accra, Ghana. A native of Toronto, Canada, she holds a Bachelor of Social Work from McGill University, Canada and the University of Ghana, as well as a Masters of Participation, Power and Social Change, from the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex, UK.

Prior to becoming the Programs Manager at iSpace, Alison worked in various capacities with Hub Accra, Ghana Think Tank, the Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy at the University of Ghana, and the Buduburam Liberian Refugee Camp.  

Working with young innovators in Ghana fuels Alison’s passion in the intersections of technology, social enterprise, and start-ups.


Fiifi baidoo


Fiifi Baidoo is the co-founder and CTO of iSpace Foundation. He is interested in making an impact with his acquired skills and knowledge to communities for social good. In 2011, he organized The Mobile Apps Ghana Showcase (#MAGS2011) together with his business partner (Josiah Kwesi Eyison) which was the first of its kind in the country and West Africa. The showcase was organized because of the passion they both have about promoting innovations as well as educating the greater public on some of the mobile services in the market.

He until recently was a Program Coordinator at Google where he helped educational institutions deploy, adapt and integrate Google Apps into their IT infrastructure to enhance collaboration, communication and learning in the school community.